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davina grahamDavina Graham

Top stylist in Nicky Oliver’s salon team.
She has both TV and magazine credits and was nominated for Afro Hairdresser of The Year at the black Hair awards 2004.
Her favourite scissors are Mizutani's STELLITE NARROW 6.0, which she uses for smoothly cutting even hard hair.



Masa is the creative director of the salon Grand Taya Zoe. He has many TV and magazine credits for his work as a hair and make-up artist. He is also a frequent commentator on many TV shows. As an artist of the new generation and top stylist of the Taya group, he is very busy teaching the group's juniors and supervising many seminars.

Masa is always in pursuit of originality and has favoured Mizutani’s Scissors for many years. He is especially fond of the Acroleaf-K 6.0 inch model and the way it adjusts to the hand. Recently he's also been using the Acroleaf Wide Medium and comments "The shape of these scissors lets hair escape naturally without it being damaged when side-cutting."


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